Monday, January 31, 2011

25 things

Since I am now 25 years and 4 days old (yeay!!) so this post will tell you 25 things you should hate know about me.. :))

1) My parents brought me up in a conservative way. So I don't smoke, I don't drink, I never went to any pub and I wore Hijab since I was 17.

2) I never had puppy love during school days. (boring~) Yes I know. Why? Refer to statement no. 3

3) I hated Malay guys during my school days. Most of my crush is Chinese guy -__-" They seriously look cool when playing basketball!!

4) I only have one ex-boyfriend T_T (loser!) I know. And now I don't have anyone (double the loser)

5) I am loyal, honest and I have a soft heart.

6) I always failed to lie which means that I ain't a good actress.

7) When I go out with Puan Bonda, people always tell that we are SISTERS *duhh*

8) When I go out alone with Encik Ayahanda, people always ask if he is my BOYFRIEND *double duhh*

9) I once grounded because I came home late at 1 a.m. T_T

10) I love kids!! and I love babies a LOT!!! *hugs* rasa mahu gomol-gomol kalau jumpa..tihihi

11)  When I am happy, people will notice it from my eyes. When I am sad, for so much I wanted to hide it, people will always sees it.

12) I'm a shopaholic. But right now I am trying to control myself to shop because I need money to get married *gulp* macam mana nak kawen kalau takde duit baii??

13) I always dreamed of a GARDEN WEDDING!! Any guys who can fulfill this definitely got privileges as a candidate for husband-to-be. LOL

14) Currently I have 2 cats ; mot and met. 2 hamsters ; romi and pati. 2 rabbits; bobo and cici. When I put them all together, I always laugh til my stomach got cramped. ROFLMAO.

15) I always love TT session at mamak place with my buddies compared to starbuck. It is waaaayyy cheaper for same priceless hangout values.

16) I super-duper love SURPRISES!! Especially from the loved ones ;)

17) Family comes first out of anything else.

18) I can't sit down doing nothing. I need to do anything or else I'll be super sleepy.

19) The Curve, Ikea n the nearby areas has been my second home during weekends. Almost every week I'll go there to eat and hangout with my friends. But seriously, there is no home like my own home ;)

20) Puan Bonda said I have the most perfect smile in the world because when I smile, I smile with all my heart. *bahh..I know it's a trick to make me smile again. Well, mom will always be mom ;p*  

21) I can be friend to anyone. Selagi kau tak buat hal dengan aku, aku takde hal punya lah. Tapi sekali kau buat hal, sampai bila-bila aku ingat. But I always feel a bit slow during the first meetings. *segan lah sebab tak kenal >_< *

22) I seldom get mad. But when I mad, never tries to talk to me atleast for one hour!

23) I love swimming and outdoor activities and I want to have scuba diving license badly!!

24) There are people who said that I looked like Yuna. And there are also who said that I looked like Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl) Mind them, coz they don't have mole like mine. bahaha

25) Currently finding the PERFECT SOUL MATE! I don't need the "PERFECT" one, but I want someone who can match with me PERFECTLY <3 <3 <3 tihihi.gatal noo ;p

p/s: Get to know me better and you'll definitely love to be my friend!! :))


  1. #7 = awesome
    #8 = epic
    #13 = darkspoon photojourney is always there for you :P


  2. Bahaha..thanks bro.

    #13 = definitely can give me the best price kannn ;p

  3. looking forward 4 #15 & #23. bile nih?

  4. #15 should be no probs.
    #23 tu ko da survey tak?

  5. #25 tuuuu..
    tak skip eh?

  6. finding je..untuk masa depan ;p

  7. #1,4,5,6,10,11,12,17&18 - kita sama...=) For #24, my cousins said that I am pretty much like Sarimah Ibrahim...tang mana xtau...huhu...