Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Heart & Soul

My heart is melting
As the rain is pouring

My mind is floating
As the ground is sinking

oh Allah! Be gentle on me, as You always do..

I need the strength, internally and physically
I am no more in my day dreaming, but in reality
I need the guidance, to continue my life beautifully
so I move forward and I left behind my history..

This was written on Nov,15 2010 at 6.28pm. 

I dedicate this poem to you, who think that you have come to the end of the world. It's not end yet,sayang. Allah knows best. So just don't lose hope on Him as He is the one whom you should count on to :)


  1. "musim luruh sudah berlalu, kini menanti musim bunga kembang mekar semula"

    lepas musim luruh, tiba musim sejuk (follow season kt bukit cerakah) maka skarang ni season ko cool down. dah cool down pastu baru boleh bunga-bunga balek. tak gitu?

    sory out of topic. hehehe

  2. aku nak musim durian weih. hahaha

  3. nak durian gred ape? D4? durian siam? durian balik pulau?