Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Around 28 January 2011

Around 28 January 2011. Tihihi. One of the best birthday celebration ever.

Thanks to :
Encik Bos who bought the delicious choc cake
the staffs who managed to do the prompt surprises *terharu ok*
kak Nurul and Husna for the lunch treat and shawl :)
Fareez and Dzul for the gorjes+cute bebbit ;))
and Puan Bonda+ adik kesayangan no. 2 who cooked for the dinner celebration *hugs n kisses*

And finally let the pictures talk :))

amboi garangnya muka,makcik oii

aina yang cumel ;)

adik kesayangan no.5

the old people!

with adik kesayangan no. 2

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